The Thin Line Between Fanaticism and Sin

In Nicaragua, a mother of two was burned to death in the name of God.

By Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia |25-06-2017|   In the early hours of the morning […]

How Thraedable joined the fashion revolution

On the last day of Fashion Revolution Week we tell you how we wish to revolutionise fashion everyday

By Cristina Orsini & Aghiles Ourad |30-04-2017|   Today is the last day of […]

Who Made Your Clothes?

The environmental and human impact of the clothes we wear should be more important for us.

By Laura Marano |29-04-2017|   1,138 people losing their life in one factory in Bangladesh […]


A Thraedable documentary about the consequences of the much criticised EU-Turkey deal, seen from the perspective of refugees and advisors from the Legal Centre Lesbos

By Thraedable    In October 2016, Thraedable went to Lesbos to launch its partnership […]


Myanmar’s government and the international community have been strangely silent over the massacre of the Rohingya people.

By Jecentha Shunmugam |28-03-2017|   In a surprising turn of events, the Myanmar military […]

Reversing the Guilt

Airstrikes are causing a huge number of civilian deaths and belligerents want you to believe the civilians are to blame.

By Aghiles Ourad |23-03-2017|   During Thrǣdable’s recent project in Lesbos, we met a refugee […]

Joint Democracy

Why decriminalising soft drug consumption in Tunisia would be a step towards a better democracy

By Cristina Orsini |22-03-2017|   The Tunisian National Security Council, convoked by Tunisian president […]

The Paradox of “Volunteer Tourism”

Tourism is more Harmful than Helpful for Cambodia to Rebuild Itself

  By Ivona Harčarová |03-03-2017| Several events in Cambodia’s history shaped its agrarian civil society […]

Is There Hope for Afghanistan?

Art, politics, and humanitarian action attempt to answer this question

  By Margarida Teixeira |24-02-2017|   Is there hope for Afghanistan? This is a question […]