Thrǣdable is an emerging social enterprise that attempts to empower the marginalised many by bridging the gap between our planet’s myriad communities. Our mission is to give voice to the marginalised. We aim to raise funds for social projects that have substantial and long-term positive impacts and to raise awareness about little-told or misreported social issues.
Thrǣdable works through two modi operandi:

The threads on our backs

Inspired by values of solidarity, dignity, and sustainability, our clothing range supports social projects which promote their causes in a manner that favours sustained change. Each item – designed and inspired by the very people that the projects aim to support – carries the amplified voices of those that deserve to be heard. Our business concept is simple: 50% of the gross profit from selling Thrǣdable clothing is dedicated to the social projects. More than paying lip-service to social corporate responsibility, the interest of the community is at the heart of our philosophy, woven into the social fabric of our very company.

How does it work?

Each clothing line is the result of a collaborative process that involves the very population that we are trying to benefit, always through the intermediary of an NGO or an association that is working to support it.

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The threads in our media

Each line a story

Each Thrǣdable line, and each of its items, tells a story. With each line, we aim to raise awareness on the issues that we support. Hence, to each line corresponds an informative section on the partner organisation that we are supporting and the issues they tackle. We will also keep you updated about the development of each project supported by Thrǣdable.

Thrǣdable magazine

The stories that need to be told far exceed the social issues that we can directly support. Hence, as we feel the need to tell more and to give you the opportunity to share, Thrǣdable is also a magazine. Our pieces explore peripheral tales; provide an insight into an underreported world; or expose journalistic bias and fear mongering. We aim to challenge and provide alternatives to the tunnel vision driven by mainstream Western media outlets, in their use of tribalism, fear, and simplistic frames.
In continuing with our philosophy of collaboration, readers and customers of Thrǣdable are invited to submit journalistic material. Be it a long journalistic piece or a single insightful photo, we want to publish material that provokes thought. We wish to create a platform where your voices can provide the counterweight to the traditional agenda-bought media sources.

Thrǣdable’s concept

Thrǣdable blurs the line between the private sector and civil society, to combine profit-making with non-profit work, without being a company that merely flirts with social corporate responsibility, nor just a charitable organisation that relies on donations. More importantly, we do not want to create a one-way helper and helped relationship. We aim to go beyond simply giving back part of our income to society and beyond the many socially responsible clothing companies who reduce their environmental imprint, and produce without exploitation. The people we work with are the essence of our company, which is why rather than a practice of giving, we offer an exchange between equal partners, whether it is through our clothes or through our magazine.

The Team

Thraedable is the result of an adventure started by Aghiles Ourad & Cristina Orsini, co-founders and co-directors.

The Team

Aghiles holds a Masters in International Energy from Sciences Po Paris, and a Bachelor in Politics from Durham University. He has a special interest in Africa, photography, and football. E-mail : aghiles@thraedable.com

Cristina holds a Masters in International Security and Human Rights from Sciences Po Paris, and a Bachelor in Social Sciences from Amsterdam University College. She is has a passion for the MENA region, writing, and cycling. E-mail : cristina@thraedable.com

Salem Haroun is the mastermind behind the website, and the saviour whenever a technological problem arises. E-mail : salemharoun@thraedable.com

Jamie Sherman is our partnership advisor. He is a trainee solicitor who has worked for a children’s charity for over seven years, as well as providing free legal advice to community centres and vulnerable citizens.

Alex White is our image editor. He is a freelance photographer with years of experience, successfully bringing out the brilliance in our photos.

Editorial Team

Richard Adams has a background in communications and human rights. He does what he can to present the stories of those who are oppressed and discriminated against, with the hope that raising awareness of these realities allows them to lead better lives.

Barbara Rosen Jacobson a Twa-loving, intersex-researching, Internet-governance working Dutchie.

Anne-Salomé Evequoz currently busy with a degree in social sciences, focused on culture, politics, and religion in pluralist societies. She likes travelling, reading, and eating chocolate!

Lea Reichert a French-Brazilian who studied political science and international affairs and lived in a few places on the American continent before (temporarily) settling in Paris to work as a public policy consultant.

Rossella Rizza a lawyer and a mother, born and raised in Sicily, passionate about child rights. She believes that adults should more often allow the strength, spontaneity and sensitiveness of children to shake up their lives.

Federico Mascolo born and raised in Rome where he graduated in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, is pursuing a Masters in International Security in Paris. He is interested in issues of cultural heritage, and he is passionate about photography, Calvino, and travelling (possibly to remote places).

Our Partners

Sehrish Logo

Through information sharing, Words in the Bucket aims to give a different twist to mainstream media related to human rights protection, social inclusion, gender issues, development and environment.

Pax Politica Logo

Pax Politica is an emerging media venture that aims to take "peace journalism" from the classroom into the newsroom. It aims to highlight positive work being done by youth groups towards peacebuilding, reconciliation, and justice in their communities and progress being made by countries in ending armed conflict, ensuring human rights, and upholding the values of justice and the rule of law.

To read about our project partners visit our project section.

Q & A

Thrǣdable is the result of a metaphor. Given that another name for clothes is threads, and that there are threads of conversations in social media, we believed that our company could ‘thread’ our myriad communities together. Thrǣd with the ǣ is the Old English spelling of thread.

To make our lines we enter into a partnership with an organisation to hold workshops with their beneficiaries. The creations of these workshops are the primary inspiration for the designs of our t-shirts, prints and accessories. We give 50% of the gross profit of sales to this organisation. Specifically, the operating costs (the costs necessary to create the items) are wholly borne by us in order to bring the garments to market with zero financial risk to the NGO. Half these costs are then deducted from the revenue generated by each sale, leaving the gross profit. It is this profit that is distributed on a 50/50 basis. We calculate the amount owed to the organisation every quarter.

Together with each partner organisation, we set concrete and long-term objectives to be attained with the support of the funds raised through the sale of the dedicated Thrǣdable line. These objectives are clarified in the profile of each partner organisation that can be found on our website. We strive for absolute transparency guaranteeing that the amount owed to the partner organisation reaches the people and the goals it is meant for. There is two-way oversight. We give the organisation in question access to our Profit and Loss accounts for their specific line, and in return we expect to see where the revenues generated are spent.

Thrǣdable proposes a collaboration between equal partners. Firstly, partner organisations benefit from increased visibility for the issues they care for and for their work. Visibility is brought through the stories on our website and the organisation of cultural events that may be co-organised. Secondly, Thrǣdable works as a risk-free fundraising platform for the partner organisation, which can attract consumers of socially-minded fashion to their cause.

Our workshops are carefully tailored to their participants and they are designed to be informal and enjoyable moments of socialisation, collaboration, and inclusiveness. Making art is a positive experience for all, which can boost self-confidence and provide an alternative mode of communication. All artwork is showcased in local exhibitions that can raise awareness and provide gratification.

Thrǣdable ‘s garments are produced in collaboration with clothing companies that are chosen on the basis of their respect of the environment, their workers, and our core values. We ensure that the whole production process is line with the highest standards, from sourcing of materials to their disposal. Our t-shirts are mostly organic, those that aren’t are due to certain printing techniques unable to print on 100% organic cotton. Each material type is clearly labelled.