We want a world: Where everybody has a voice. Where everybody’s rights are respected. Where sustainability is the norm.

To build this world: We make clothes that tell stories through people’s art. We share 50% of our gross profits with grassroots organisation that defend human rights. We respect people and the planet from production to delivery.

Wear a Story for a Just World.


Each item carries the amplified voices of those that deserve to be heard. Each line is dedicated to one of our partner organisations and designed and inspired by the very population that they support.

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Each line and each item tell a story to raise awareness about the issues we support. On our Project page you can read about our partner organisations and the issues that the tackle. In our Boutique, you can discover the stories behind each item.

50 Threads

Our social aim is at the heart of our philosophy, woven into the social fabric of our very company, which is why our business concept is simple: 50% of the gross profit from the sale of each item is directly invested in social projects. This means that every purchase has a substantial and immediate impact – we don’t wait for our bottom line to be positive before we fulfil our social commitment.

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All of Thraedable’s clothes are 100% certified organic cotton or natural fibre and are certified FairWear, produced in fair working conditions. They are hand-printed with water-based inks (instead of oil-based), which are free of harsh solvents and delivered to you in biodegradable mailers.

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Thrǣdable’s concept

Thrǣdable blurs the line between the private sector and civil society. We are not a company that merely flirts with social corporate responsibility, nor do we not want to create a one-way helper and helped relationship. We set up equal partnerships with grassroots organisations who work on the ground to fight injustice and defend human rights. These small groups often do the best work with the least recognition and the smallest budget.

The Team

Thraedable is the result of an adventure started by Aghiles Ourad & Cristina Orsini, co-founders and co-directors.

The Team

Aghiles holds a Masters in International Energy from Sciences Po Paris, and a Bachelor in Politics from Durham University. He has a special interest in Africa, photography, and football. E-mail : aghiles@thraedable.com

Cristina holds a Masters in International Security and Human Rights from Sciences Po Paris, and a Bachelor in Social Sciences from Amsterdam University College. She is has a passion for the MENA region, writing, and cycling. E-mail : cristina@thraedable.com

Salem Haroun is the mastermind behind the website, and the saviour whenever a technological problem arises. E-mail : salemharoun@thraedable.com

Jamie Sherman is our partnership advisor. He is a trainee solicitor who has worked for a children’s charity for over seven years, as well as providing free legal advice to community centres and vulnerable citizens.

Alex White is our image editor. He is a freelance photographer with years of experience, successfully bringing out the brilliance in our photos.

Our Partners

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Through information sharing, Words in the Bucket aims to give a different twist to mainstream media related to human rights protection, social inclusion, gender issues, development and environment.

To read about our project partners visit our project section.

Q & A

Thrǣdable is the result of a metaphor. Given that another name for clothes is threads, and that there are threads of conversations in social media, we believed that our company could ‘thread’ our myriad communities together. Thrǣd with the ǣ is the Old English spelling of thread.

To make our lines we enter into a partnership with an organisation to hold workshops with their beneficiaries. The creations of these workshops are the primary inspiration for the designs of our t-shirts, prints and accessories. We give 50% of the gross profit of sales to this organisation. Specifically, the operating costs (the costs necessary to create the items) are wholly borne by us in order to bring the garments to market with zero financial risk to the NGO. These costs are then deducted from the revenue generated by each sale, leaving the gross profit. It is this profit that is distributed on a 50/50 basis. We calculate the amount owed to the organisation every quarter.

Together with each partner organisation, we set concrete and long-term objectives to be attained with the support of the funds raised through the sale of the dedicated Thrǣdable line. These objectives are clarified in the profile of each partner organisation that can be found on our website. We strive for absolute transparency guaranteeing that the amount owed to the partner organisation reaches the people and the goals it is meant for. There is two-way oversight. We give the organisation in question access to our Profit and Loss accounts for their specific line, and in return we expect to see where the revenues generated are spent.

Thrǣdable proposes a collaboration between equal partners. Firstly, partner organisations benefit from increased visibility for the issues they care for and for their work. Visibility is brought through the stories on our website and the organisation of cultural events that may be co-organised. Secondly, Thrǣdable works as a risk-free fundraising platform for the partner organisation, which can attract consumers of socially-minded fashion to their cause.

Our workshops are carefully tailored to their participants and they are designed to be informal and enjoyable moments of socialisation, collaboration, and inclusiveness. Making art is a positive experience for all, which can boost self-confidence and provide an alternative mode of communication. All artwork is showcased in local exhibitions that can raise awareness and provide gratification.