In a few words
Thrǣdable is an emerging social enterprise that attempts to empower the marginalised many by bridging the gap between our planet’s myriad communities in two ways:

Our collaborative clothing range intends to support social projects that seek sustainable solutions for the issues they handle. Through our 50/50 scheme, each item contributes to sustainable social projects. Each item carries the voice of those that deserve to be heard.

Our inquisitive media section features an array of journalistic pieces, on the issues tackled by our projects and beyond. In our inclusive and collaborative vein, the Thrǣdable team invites you to submit articles, videos and photos.

We sucessfully crowdfunded! Check out our campaign video.


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The online boutique is coming soon! To order in the meantime write to us at ciao@thraedable.com


Borderline Sicilia

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Legal Centre Lesbos

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Children of the Moon

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The Thin Line Between Fanaticism and Sin

By Ligia Andrea Mendoza Mejia |25-06-2017|   In the early hours of the morning […]

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How Thraedable joined the fashion revolution

By Cristina Orsini & Aghiles Ourad |30-04-2017|   Today is the last day of […]

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Who Made Your Clothes?

By Laura Marano |29-04-2017|   1,138 people losing their life in one factory in Bangladesh […]

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